Thou shall not live beyond your means

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Eighth Sin.”

shareI usually buy things that I want but don’t need. Worst I love swiping my credit cards then end up with bigger debts. By the end of the month bills pile up…phone bills, electric bills, water bills, credit  card bills and more bills. They are piling up on my desk and they are giving me sleepless night.

When I’m in the mall most especially in big supermarkets I can’t help but purchase items(swiping my cc again) that I love but not really necessary. Sometimes even if I have cash, I would still use my cc to gas up my car, dine in a restaurant or even buying a book.

I am a regular employee with a regular salary with a debt three times higher than my earnings. Ahhhhh I’m in a quicksand.

Today, Blogging 101 recommended Daily Prompt for our writing inspiration. The first prompt didn’t have an impact on me but when I tried another prompt it brought me to Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Eighth Sin.” Instantly it struck me, my bad spending habit is exactly my eighth sin.

Simply staring on the words (Eighth Sin) stirs my inner self. It brings emotions of anxiety… a feeling of imprisonment and the feeling is not good. Living beyond my means is living a life of fear and stress. It’s like walking with a death sentence.

“Thou shall not live beyond your means”…a sin I have been committing for sometime and a lesson I have to learn…



Daily life in the sweetest city

In response to harsh-reality-challenge


an everyday sight on my way to work

I live in one of the small cities in the central part of the  Philippines…Victorias City.

It is the sweetest city because aside from its vast sugarcane plantation, it is where the once largest manufacturer of raw sugar in Asia is located. Why it was “once” because in the mid 90’s the company experienced its major downfall. It took them many years to rise again from that fall.


i love sunrise and the morning breeze. It makes my morning walk enjoyable.


the road going to market.

Life here is slow-paced. It’s not because people here are lazy, but because people have more time to appreciate and experience things, like leisure walks in the morning before work (my form of exercise), enjoying pleasantries with neighbors, and not to mention less traffic and almost zero crime incidents.

Aside from a relaxing atmosphere, our city offers places that you can find invigorating like the refreshing waterfalls at  Gawahon Eco Park. The park is a 30 minute drive by private car or tricycle from the city.  It has seven breathtaking waterfalls with verdant vegetation in an elevation of about 800 meters above sea level. The forest that surrounded it is a part of the Northern Negros Natural Park, the province’s largest watershed.


Gawahon Eco Park 1st Falls


Gawahon Eco Park

In our city, you can also find Antonio Ossorio’s  world famed liturgical art masterpiece, the Angry Christ of St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church.  Colors used in the painting were flaming orange, bold red, deep blue, brilliant magenta and vibrant yellow. The mural painting may have a craggy face of Christ  but when you look into the eyes you will see and feel the compassion, kindness and warmth.


Angry Christ Mural by Antonio Ossorio

Next week, our city will celebrate its 17th Charter Anniversary. It is a week long festivity with various events lined up. One of the highlights and the most visited by local and foreign tourists is the streetdancing competition. It is a street dance contest where participants dress in colorful and dazzling costumes  doing rhythmic movements to  interpret the city’s legend and history. Spectators on the other hand can have their faces painted for free and join the parade.

Kadalag-an Festival (3)

Street dancers



Where will you be?


photo source: google image

I was asked this morning, “where will i be in the next 5 years?”. I answered it with a smile and a joke that i will still be same old me without kids and more dogs.” Now i sit here, thinking about it…”where will i be indeed in the next 5 years?”  truly i can’t say…i live in the present and I’d want to take life  one step at a time, so i can appreciate every aspect of my human existence. I want to breathe the air in the early morn and see the sun rises radiantly in the eastern horizon. I want to feel the cool breeze at dusk and see the stars shining brightly in the dark skies. Life is short and i want to live today.


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