#ProjectNegrosOccidental: Carbin Reef, Sagay City, Negros Occidental

Carbin Reef, one of the best place (for me) in Negros Occidental. So glad I stumbled on the awkward traveler‘s article of Carbin Reef, i have to be there before the year ends.

The Awkward Traveler

*This is part of my #ProjectNegrosOccidental series where I aim to visit all 32 towns and cities of Negros Occidental, my home province.

I was in second year high school when I last visited Carbin Reef, although I just live a few kilometers away. That was 15 years ago, before my brother was even born. Our entire batch went on a field trip to Carbin Reef. It was quite a memorable experience for all of us especially because we spent a night sleeping (or not sleeping) in the tower which had no walls. We didn’t have any tents so there was no camping that happened.

My classmates and yep, that was the tower where 50 or so of us spent a night. My classmates and yep, that was the tower where 50 or so of us spent a night. Photo courtesy of Florence Monterola.

Back then, there was some paperwork to be done before we could even step on Carbin Reef. My teacher assigned me to do it and…

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The Worst Enemy of Creativity is Self-Doubt

I have to reblog this to remind me often that i have to give myself a chance…that i can write my thoughts and share it to the world. To stop doubting myself and write on… Thanks Rosie

Everything's Coming Up Rosie

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Today’s Monday Motivation

“The worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt,” wrote Sylvia Plath in her journal. And she couldn’t have been more accurate. Self-doubt can persuade us to stop creating or keep us from sending our work out into the world. It can be so influential that it colors how we see ourselves, ensuring we don’t pick up a pen, paintbrush, camera, or other tool for decades. 

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