RAC’s Baby Rock

When it comes to good food there are few places that I highly recommend for you to dine here in Victorias.

I will individually make an article about it. Right now,  let me start with this one hole in the wall.

If you are a first timer in Victorias you will surely miss this place since the area is quite small. It is squeezed between Manang Trading and TRAMCAR. However if your sense of smell is as sensitive as mine you will surely find the place. The aroma of sauteed onions and garlic intermingling with the scent of fresh ground beef is astounding and that what welcomes you in their doorway.


The inside of the café is quite small but the feeling of coziness compensate the smallness of the area. When you get to bite with their specials for sure you will forget the measurement of the space and instead appreciate the tastefulness of the food they served.


The Beefy Slider (Php 60.00)  is the first on my list. The patty is perfectly pan-fried with enough seasoning on it,sandwich in a toasted bun with slices of tomatoes, onions and lettuce. They also spread it with their special sauce.

Beefy Slider


Another favorite is the Hungarian Chili Con Carne (Php 50.00), slices of sausages on a hotdog bun topped with ground beef, chopped onions and tomatoes with spicy Texan sauce.

Hungarian Chili Con Carne

If you want to be healthy, they also have Chicken Asparagus (Php 35.00) and Chicken Waldorf (Php 70.00) sandwiches. I have heard they now serve Tuna sandwich too, isn’t it great…delicious and healthy!

Chicken Waldorf

Oh before I forget, they too baked one of the best Revel Bars (Php 25.00) I tried, better than Bob’s (that’s my personal opinion). The chocolate (I believe it’s Nutella) that swirls in with the butter that create a somewhat marbled effect in the bar makes it look so enticing and I had a hard time resisting the bite.

Menu Board

RACs served delicious food in an affordable price. You better try it and be captivated.



Delightfully Tuy’z

Another great place to dine in and hang out here in Victorias is the place called Tuy’z.

This one is easy to find, it is right in front of the public plaza and also along the highway. What makes this special is they serve good food that makes your every penny worth.  The place is one of the decent restaurants around here, service is quite efficient especially  that you can call them in  advance to have your order made and have it picked up.

This restaurant has been serving the people of Victorias for quite sometime.  I have seen them grow. Before, they were serving just pizza, some coolers and a few meals, now their menu board has a wide range of dishes.  You can choose from coolers, shakes, pizzas, short

orders, value meals and more comforting foods (see the additional new menu board below)


Why it is on my list…because this is the only restaurant in the city that serve Shawarma

Rice (Php 50.00/with egg Php 60.00) the way I like it…it has more meat, more veggies, and topped with rich garlic and hot sauce.  You can even request more sauce  if you want to and

that’s heaven for me.


Recently, I tried their Buffalo Wings (Php 140.00), the succulent wings  smothered in a spicy sweet sauce is definitely lip-smacking good. It was too late then to take a photo when what’s left on my plate were all bones (sorry guys no picture of those wings, can’t blame someone like me crazy for chicken wings *wink). But I got a photo of Crunchy Squid Rings (P120.00) and Sizzling Bangus (P110.00), both are blissfully satisfying.13689656_1731747473754701_759255083_n13689703_1731747467088035_181647283_n

Aside from that,  chocolate and java shake (Php 30.00) are the best. The pleasantly strong bitter sweet chocolatey flavor that you get in every sip of that shake makes you decide to have another a second and perhaps a third one  or more Smile .

These days, aside from regular shakes they too serve Frappes (P50.00) in flavors (I remember) of Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Green Tea (I believe they’re the first in Victorias to serve green tea flavored frappe).

So why don’t you visit Tuy’z and try it, believe me it’s two thumbs up!


Pasta with Kultis Pesto

This is a healthy and very easy pasta recipe not to mention very affordable.

ingredients (bulubanta lang ni tanan):
Tuna or sardines in oil
minced garlic
minced onion
olive or canola oil
kulitis leaves
a handful of peanuts or other nuts (optional)
salt & pepper
Onion flakes
500 grams Pasta (spaghetti or fettucinni or penne or ano lang gusto ninyo 😀

Kulitis  Pesto:
In a blender, combine blanched kulitis  leaves, nuts,olive oil,minced garlic, salt & pepper. Pulse a few times until all ingredients are blended together.

To cook:
In a hot pan, pour a few drops of olive/canola oil. Sautée garlic, onion,  and sardines or tuna. Add kulitis pesto. Add cooked pasta and toss well.sprinkle with cayenne powder and top with onion flakes.

Food Trip # 9 – Spring in the City…I’m so in Love

No words can fully express how i felt when I had my first bite of this whimsically designed bread from BreadTalk.

Badly captured tsk tsk tsk

This fanciful bread dolled up generously with spring onions, ham, carrots and floss had left me speechless. Every bite gave me that blissful feeling that i had not never experienced before. It  an explosion of luscious flavors that reminds me of happy moments. Every nibble, every chew brought me to cloud 9.

Eagerly waiting for our spring in the city

My husband is now in Manila, he surely knows what pasalubong to bring *wink* I love you Langga 🙂

Food Trip #8 – Mcdo Chicken Fillet Sandwich

It was lunch and I’m craving for Jollibee spaghetti but i convinced myself to try some meals in Mcdonalds. I havent eaten there for a long time, so this is the time 😀
I ordered the chicken fillet sandwich value meal with drinks at Php 50.00 and fries at Php 25.00

Chicken Fillet with Drinks – Php 50.00 Mcdo Fries – Php 25.00

The only thing i love about this meal is the Heinz ketchup. It’s thicker and richer in flavor. The burger and fries nothing memorable. Next time if i want a value meal chicken sandwich or burger i should go to KFC or Jollibee where their value meals are of true value. hay naku!

Food Trip # 7 – Jollibee Beef n’ Mushroom (39ers)

Among the 3 variants of Jollibee 39ers, its the Beef and Mushroom that i love the most. It reminds me of the karne prita (without the mushroom) cooked by mother earth.
The aroma of garlic, the oiliness of the dish ( love oily dish as long as not too much hehehe), the equal serving of beef and mushroom hmm rapsa! Sometimes i can’t help it but order another one for take out *winks*

Jollibee Beef n’ Mushroom – Php 39.00
BTW, I just have to warn you, not to order this meal when its noon or the place is full because you either get a lot of mushroom with few slivers of beef or a small equal serving of mushrooms and beef and a lot of toasted garlic, experienced that at Jollibee SM Bacolod. You wouldn’t want that, would you?
I recommend ordering it at Jollibee Northdrive or in Lacson district. Just a tip,  have it  in the morning between 8:30 to 10:30. They served it generously in those times 🙂