I have so much things running in my mind and I want to jot all of them down.  Seconds…minutes pass and now I realized of all the things I want to write, I suddenly don’t know where to begin.  hmmm


Let me start by saying,  I’m Chon or let me say I choose Chon as my online name.  It comes from the word Lechon, a pork dish…A roasted suckling pig, cooked to perfection.  It’s my favorite—before.  Now I try to avoid it for the sole reason that my cholesterol jumps up every time I bite to this crunchy, oily,  fat loaded, crackling skin pork dish . I have to be mindful  with what I eat or else I’ll find my body six feet below the ground before I reach my retirement age  and I don’t want that. The world has a lot to offer and there is so much to see and experience in this lifetime.

I  created this blog  to put my memories, experiences including rants and raves of my everyday life.

Like a Lechon cooked in several hours to perfection, I will hone myself to be a better writer and someday a better speaker.

Now, I know where I will begin…

an introvert who wants to breakfree.



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