RAC’s Baby Rock

When it comes to good food there are few places that I highly recommend for you to dine here in Victorias.

I will individually make an article about it. Right now,  let me start with this one hole in the wall.

If you are a first timer in Victorias you will surely miss this place since the area is quite small. It is squeezed between Manang Trading and TRAMCAR. However if your sense of smell is as sensitive as mine you will surely find the place. The aroma of sauteed onions and garlic intermingling with the scent of fresh ground beef is astounding and that what welcomes you in their doorway.


The inside of the café is quite small but the feeling of coziness compensate the smallness of the area. When you get to bite with their specials for sure you will forget the measurement of the space and instead appreciate the tastefulness of the food they served.


The Beefy Slider (Php 60.00)  is the first on my list. The patty is perfectly pan-fried with enough seasoning on it,sandwich in a toasted bun with slices of tomatoes, onions and lettuce. They also spread it with their special sauce.

Beefy Slider


Another favorite is the Hungarian Chili Con Carne (Php 50.00), slices of sausages on a hotdog bun topped with ground beef, chopped onions and tomatoes with spicy Texan sauce.

Hungarian Chili Con Carne

If you want to be healthy, they also have Chicken Asparagus (Php 35.00) and Chicken Waldorf (Php 70.00) sandwiches. I have heard they now serve Tuna sandwich too, isn’t it great…delicious and healthy!

Chicken Waldorf

Oh before I forget, they too baked one of the best Revel Bars (Php 25.00) I tried, better than Bob’s (that’s my personal opinion). The chocolate (I believe it’s Nutella) that swirls in with the butter that create a somewhat marbled effect in the bar makes it look so enticing and I had a hard time resisting the bite.

Menu Board

RACs served delicious food in an affordable price. You better try it and be captivated.



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