Top Five Reasons Why I Go For Wantan

Mayor Francis Frederick PalancaI live almost all my life in Victorias City. I have lived through its struggles to be a city and how it became one of the fast progressing city in Northern Negros. There were times of adversity and a time of triumph.

Come this May 9, I am casting my vote to the rightful father of the City — Mayor Wantan Palanca.

There are few complaints made discreetly (though the opponent party does it indiscreetly) by people I know and people I don’t know. They are murmuring about things they are dissatisfied about how Mayor Wantan runs Victorias. However, I guess people will always express their unhappiness about the government and how it is run. Why don’t people look at themselves first and ask if they are doing something to make the government better.

I don’t need to think deeper why I go for Mayor Wantan. From the very start, he became the head of the city, I was for Mayor Wantan, I am and I will always be. I have faith and confidence that he can do better for Victorias.

To paint a clearer picture of why he is my choice, I listed my top 5 reasons below:

5. Scholarships. Education is fundamental to each individual. But what if your parents cannot afford to send you to school? You have the brains but you don’t have the moolah. Well, all you have to do is apply for a scholarship offered by the city government. Every year, almost 500 young people are given educational assistance. This year, there are more young people given the same opportunity — the chance to have a better future ahead of them.

4. Health Services. Mayor Wantan always puts the welfare of his constituents first. It is his priority that every Victoriahanon will be taken care of. The medical mission conducted under his Wellness Program for Progress that almost served 50,000 beneficiaries since it was introduced in 2004 when he was still Vice Mayor. Provided free medicines for indigents through his Botika ni Wantan. Ambulance and medical services made available even on weekends. And how can I forget, Victorias Rescue Team on call 24/7 providing fast response to accidents and emergencies. whew, that’s a lot.

3. Burial Assistance. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in Negros Occidental, only Victorias City is giving burial assistance to its people. Php 10,000 for non-SSS member and Php 5,000 for SSS member. This is is a big help in time of grief.

2. Alliance Building. No man is an island so Victorias is building an alliance to other countries such as the sisterhood agreement with Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Partnership with IKAW-AKO Japan-Negros for environmental protection. Tripartite agreement with Ajuy and Banate for 3 RORO ports. And recently, the Past It Forward project in Victorias in cooperation with Israel NGOs which I heard will be investing a favorable amount of planning and implementation of the project which will bring the job to the people of Victorias. Now, that sounds awesome.

1. New Investments. 7/11, City Mall, Organic Market, Racs and other new restaurants mushrooming in the city, who doesn’t want that, right! When there are a lot of investments coming in, it only means they have confidence that economy in the city is growing faster. Thanks to Mayor Wantan, he welcomes and encourages investors to put up business here. More investors, more work for the locals. Happy?!

In a few weeks, it will be the big day. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the result will favor the candidate I’m rooting for.




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