Thou shall not live beyond your means

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Eighth Sin.”

shareI usually buy things that I want but don’t need. Worst I love swiping my credit cards then end up with bigger debts. By the end of the month bills pile up…phone bills, electric bills, water bills, credit  card bills and more bills. They are piling up on my desk and they are giving me sleepless night.

When I’m in the mall most especially in big supermarkets I can’t help but purchase items(swiping my cc again) that I love but not really necessary. Sometimes even if I have cash, I would still use my cc to gas up my car, dine in a restaurant or even buying a book.

I am a regular employee with a regular salary with a debt three times higher than my earnings. Ahhhhh I’m in a quicksand.

Today, Blogging 101 recommended Daily Prompt for our writing inspiration. The first prompt didn’t have an impact on me but when I tried another prompt it brought me to Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Eighth Sin.” Instantly it struck me, my bad spending habit is exactly my eighth sin.

Simply staring on the words (Eighth Sin) stirs my inner self. It brings emotions of anxiety… a feeling of imprisonment and the feeling is not good. Living beyond my means is living a life of fear and stress. It’s like walking with a death sentence.

“Thou shall not live beyond your means”…a sin I have been committing for sometime and a lesson I have to learn…



12 thoughts on “Thou shall not live beyond your means

  1. I love this post. It is super simple but it definitely resonates with me. It is something I have also struggled with. We are slowly making progress forward with it but I totally agree that it leaves a person feeling anxious and imprisoned.

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    • Thank you Mandi for visiting my blog. I keep on praying for strength for us all who are experiencing this problem. We hope someday we can all be free from this financial struggles.


  2. It’s hard to remain in firm control of your spending when there is so much temptation. I moved from a big city to a small area with limited resources for awhile and it was amazing to see how all my ‘needs’ became extras that I was happily and easily doing without. Good luck to you, it’s a tough one but I’m sure you can beat it!

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  3. I was the same way until my marriage ended and I became a single mom. It was so hard to go from having a lot of disposable income to very little at all. And then when I went back to school, it was even more difficult to make ends meet. It wasn’t about needs vs. became more about survival. Now, that I’m working full time again and making money, the way I spend money is totally different. If it wasn’t hard time, not sure if I would have learned about money management.

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    • I really have a hard time keeping up with my credit cards but i keep on telling myself that one day i’ll wake up and all my credit cards will be paid up. Right now, i’m trying very very hard to keep my finances in check. I’m giving myself 5 years to recover from my bad financial health. I’m keeping my fingers cross that I can make it.
      It’s true that sometimes we need to experience hardship so that we could be able to rise from it stronger and wiser.


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