Where will you be?


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I was asked this morning, “where will i be in the next 5 years?”. I answered it with a smile and a joke that i will still be same old me without kids and more dogs.” Now i sit here, thinking about it…”where will i be indeed in the next 5 years?”  truly i can’t say…i live in the present and I’d want to take life  one step at a time, so i can appreciate every aspect of my human existence. I want to breathe the air in the early morn and see the sun rises radiantly in the eastern horizon. I want to feel the cool breeze at dusk and see the stars shining brightly in the dark skies. Life is short and i want to live today.


#justmesaying #feelingkolangngayon #opinionsubjecttochange 🙂


4 thoughts on “Where will you be?

  1. Been thinking about that myself lately. Hopefully, I’ll have a few books under my belt and be well into a career of writing. We’ll see. Thanks for sharing this post.

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  2. I am trying to be in the same path. Focusing more in the moment. Nice to meet you:)

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