Hotcake, finally

Streetfood are amazingly delightful to eat…It’s tasty and inexpensive.

One of my favorites are hotcakes. They’re yellow, smothered in margarine then sprinkled with granulated sugar.  Rapsa.

I always wanted to make one. So I started to search online. There are thousands of recipes available but one that catches my attention is from a blog called Russian Filipino Kitchen. I was so thankful that I found her blog and her recipe. It’s exactly the kind of hotcake I want to make. I was so excited, saved her page in my Pocket ( a very helpful app for offline reading) and tried making it earlier.


…and here is my first attempt of Filipino hotcake using Russian Filipino Kitchen recipe .


Taste – almost the same I devour in the street


Looks – forgot the yellow food coloring… I failed in that area =)

It was a good try for a first timer. I will surely make one again probably next weekend.