Food Trip #12 – Liberty Condensada Leche Flan

Gusto kung talaga gumawa ng leche flan but i thought its quite hard to cook it, until one day nasa grocery ako nakikiusyoso lang (wala kasi magawa that weekend) nakita ko ang recipe ng leche flan sa likod ng Liberty Condensada can, another surprise it uses whole eggs instead of the yolks lang.

Below is the recipe of my Liberty Condensada Leche Flan (as my memory can remember)

1 – 300ml Liberty Condensada
4 – whole eggs

1 – 154ml evaporated milk (i prefer small alipne Evaporated milk)
1/2 cup sugar

1. I put the sugar in the llanera, put it in the toaster and let it caramelized
2. Mix all the rest of the ingredients
3. let the water boil first before putting the mixture in the steamer
4. wait for 45 minutes and Viola! masarap na leche flan di ba easy lang šŸ™‚

This is my Leche Flan
My 1st leche flan – was so excited, i almost forgot to take a photo

Liberty Condensada – 300 ml

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