Food Trip # 7 – Jollibee Beef n’ Mushroom (39ers)

Among the 3 variants of Jollibee 39ers, its the Beef and Mushroom that i love the most. It reminds me of the karne prita (without the mushroom) cooked by mother earth.
The aroma of garlic, the oiliness of the dish ( love oily dish as long as not too much hehehe), the equal serving of beef and mushroom hmm rapsa! Sometimes i can’t help it but order another one for take out *winks*

Jollibee Beef n’ Mushroom – Php 39.00
BTW, I just have to warn you, not to order this meal when its noon or the place is full because you either get a lot of mushroom with few slivers of beef or a small equal serving of mushrooms and beef and a lot of toasted garlic, experienced that at Jollibee SM Bacolod. You wouldn’t want that, would you?
I recommend ordering it at Jollibee Northdrive or in Lacson district. Just a tip,  have it  in the morning between 8:30 to 10:30. They served it generously in those times 🙂

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