Food Trip #6 -Tio Sids Burger, Finally!

I’m trying  to recall my Tio Sids Burger experience but what remains in my seat of thoughts and memory is how perfectly their patties were grilled. 
Tio Sids King Burger – Php 130.00 (Everything in it)
The patties have no extenders, purely ground beef with some dash of this and that spices. It’s juicy, well-cooked and pleasant to the taste  however the buns..ang buns daw pandesal tig-a (dry).

Tio Sids King Burger

Going to 21 Food Park. See the signage from afar?
Saw that shadow thats me hehehe

Tio Sids Burger Menu


Will i visit the place again? probably but I’ll order the patties kag magbakal sang akon nga buns, namit pa iya ka Merci or Foodman.


21 Food Park
21st Lacson St., Bacolod City
Negros Occidental
Mobile No.: 09083582021


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