Food Trip #8 – Mcdo Chicken Fillet Sandwich

It was lunch and I’m craving for Jollibee spaghetti but i convinced myself to try some meals in Mcdonalds. I havent eaten there for a long time, so this is the time 😀
I ordered the chicken fillet sandwich value meal with drinks at Php 50.00 and fries at Php 25.00

Chicken Fillet with Drinks – Php 50.00 Mcdo Fries – Php 25.00

The only thing i love about this meal is the Heinz ketchup. It’s thicker and richer in flavor. The burger and fries nothing memorable. Next time if i want a value meal chicken sandwich or burger i should go to KFC or Jollibee where their value meals are of true value. hay naku!

Food Trip # 7 – Jollibee Beef n’ Mushroom (39ers)

Among the 3 variants of Jollibee 39ers, its the Beef and Mushroom that i love the most. It reminds me of the karne prita (without the mushroom) cooked by mother earth.
The aroma of garlic, the oiliness of the dish ( love oily dish as long as not too much hehehe), the equal serving of beef and mushroom hmm rapsa! Sometimes i can’t help it but order another one for take out *winks*

Jollibee Beef n’ Mushroom – Php 39.00
BTW, I just have to warn you, not to order this meal when its noon or the place is full because you either get a lot of mushroom with few slivers of beef or a small equal serving of mushrooms and beef and a lot of toasted garlic, experienced that at Jollibee SM Bacolod. You wouldn’t want that, would you?
I recommend ordering it at Jollibee Northdrive or in Lacson district. Just a tip,  have it  in the morning between 8:30 to 10:30. They served it generously in those times 🙂

Remia’s Grilled Squid

I dont know how to grilled squid. This is actually an experiment that turns out fantastic. My husband will surely love this :D.

I think, I have taken a good shot *giggles*

Green Onions
Salt and Pepper

1. wash and clean squid well
2. Take out the black ink
3. Take out the skin and film
4. chop tomatoes, onions, green onions and garlic. mix and seasoned. this will be the filling.
5. Put the filling inside the squid fasten it with toothpick
6. grilled squid for about 4 minutes on each side
7. sliced and serve with rice

Food Trip #6 -Tio Sids Burger, Finally!

I’m trying  to recall my Tio Sids Burger experience but what remains in my seat of thoughts and memory is how perfectly their patties were grilled. 
Tio Sids King Burger – Php 130.00 (Everything in it)
The patties have no extenders, purely ground beef with some dash of this and that spices. It’s juicy, well-cooked and pleasant to the taste  however the buns..ang buns daw pandesal tig-a (dry).

Tio Sids King Burger

Going to 21 Food Park. See the signage from afar?
Saw that shadow thats me hehehe

Tio Sids Burger Menu


Will i visit the place again? probably but I’ll order the patties kag magbakal sang akon nga buns, namit pa iya ka Merci or Foodman.


21 Food Park
21st Lacson St., Bacolod City
Negros Occidental
Mobile No.: 09083582021

Food Trip #5 – Aicee Yummy Chicharon

The only chicharon i knew that brings me to cloud nine is the one made in Carcar, Cebu. I would finished two to three packs and still feel happy not minding the cholesterol loaded in every bite. It certainly causing great harm to my heart but what the heck. I rarely eat this stuff it wont exterminate me in a second, will it?!
Recently, Nang Marge told me to try the chicharon sold at Mc Jade Supermart. This one is made from Bohol. Its tastier, crunchier, meatier,…all of ier (LOL). That’s how enthusiastically she describes the evil morsels 😀 So, without wasting any time, we grabbed a few packs from Mcjade.
See that meaty chicharon..yummy indeed

My findings:
1. It is indeed tastier, crunchier, meatier and all of the ier 😀
2. at Php 35.00 per pack, not bad.
3. pieces of chicharon are bigger compared to the carcar made.
4. best when dip in Sinamak (with vinegar eel visibly seen in the bottle)

Aicee Yummy Chicharon – Php 35.00

For Orders:


Poblacion, Dauis Bohol or you may buy it at McJade Supermart Victorias City {no need to go to Bohol :D}

Food Trip #4 – Miren Desserts Cafe

It’s raining like there’s no tomorrow but that didnt hinders me to cross the street,  push the glass door and enter the cozy nook set at the Art District in Bacolod City – the Miren Desserts Cafe.

Chocolate Banana Walnut – Php 40.00

Mocha Peppermint – Php 80.00

After i finished consuming all i ordered i asked myself, is it worth getting almost soak in the rain just to have the taste of these…
I smiled…
Went out…
Satisfied 🙂

Lopues Mandalagan Art District
Bacolod City, Philippines