Food Trip #3 – Roberto’s

Signage at the entrance of Roberto’s
I have been reading posts of my favorite food bloggers and i noticed most of them are highly recommending Roberto’s as never-to-be-missed when going to Iloilo.

So when my brother asked me to get his PRC license in Iloilo, I eagerly said yes. This is a good time to finally have that siopao that everybody in the foodie world been talking about.
Roberto’s is a small place beside Jollibee (at JM Basa St., Iloilo) but with people lining up to order. My sister and I intend to buy the Queen Siopao but the owner told us that it was already sold out (it’s their best seller) So, my sister settled with King’s Siopao while I ordered the jumbo.

The verdict…it was indeed the best siopao i have ever tasted. the bun was soft and the filling was generous. The only regret i had i didnt order for more tsk tsk tsk. The next time i will be in Roberto’s i will surely buy more than one. The taste of it still lingers in my memory that i often found my self daydreaming of my next visit to Roberto’s.

This guy is so busy taking
orders for home deliveries

The Siopao menu inside the resto

Jumbo Siopao at Php 42.00
not bad i should have order another one hehehe

Sister having a big bite with her King’s Siopao at Php 59.00


Food Trip #2 – Carlitos Restaurant and TGrillhaus

Entrane of Carlito’s

Carlito’s. A strategic restaurant near PRC. It looks classy and expensive and at first we were uncertain if we ate our lunch here or take a cab and eat at Jollibee (at least there we are assured we like the food 😀 ). But since our stomach were clamoring and we didnt had anything when we left Bacolod, we decided…the heck with the price, we were hungry and we need food now!!!! hahaha.

We entered the restaurant and was welcomed with a peaceful atmosphere, its what we really want at the moment, quietness and food. The waitress welcomed us and handed  the Menu.

Sister’s order – Carlito’s fried chicken meal – Php 75.00

My sister order the Carlito’s fried chicken meal at Php 75.00 and Mango Shake. I, on the other hand, had a Steak deTeresa meal at Php 85.00.

Steak de Teresa Meal – Php 85.00

Sisig – Php 150.00
Delicious but too oily for me

Ready to eat…

The food was great, prices reasonable and rice serving are generous.
Carlitos Restaurant and TGrillhaus
Lopez Jaena Street, Jaro, Iloilo City

Food Trip # 1 – Merci…Manamit

Pancit Canton at Php 35.00

Whenever i’m bored at the office i usually go to Merci, one of my favorite resto here in Victorias (there are really too few to choose from ^_^). My favorite is their pancit canton. At Php 35.00 it can satisfy my hunger and I would always leave the place with a smile.

The vegetables, meat and noodles are well sauteed, not over cooked which i hate and when it arrives at my table it gives off a delectable smell that i cant help but dig in 😀

TOCILOG at Php 35.00
available anytime of the day

Chicken Siopao at Php 29.00

I’m on a quest…

I always love…food. It makes me happy. It doesn’t matter if its loaded with tons of fat, sodium or whatever. I know it would slowly kill me and i may die early but i will die with full stomach harharhar 😀

Today while surfing the net and ravishing with all the posts of food bloggers, i realized that i have to fulfill my desire—to go places and search for good food to fill not only my stomach but my craving for sumptuous mix of flavors.

i have taken notes, outlined the things i should do first and of course setting aside a budget (this is important, nothing is free this days ¤_¤ you know)

Good luck to me!