Trip to Carbin Reef

Carbin Reef is a marine sanctuary in Sagay City, Philippines.

It is huge, tongue-shaped, creamy white sandbar and clear water

perfect for scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, picnic and boating.


getting ready for the boat ride, have to fasten my life vest

on the boat a bit smiling, but trembling inside…

my first time to ride a pump boat.

keep praying for a safe travel

We finally arrived. It took us 40 minutes boat

(in my estimate since the boat is so slow)

ride from the Old Sgay wharf to the reef.


the view was so amazingly breathtaking

so my friends and I can’t help

but keep on jumping on the sand and laughing.

Enjoying every moment we were there

its hot there, the sun is scorching but it didnt stop me to plunged in the water.

I was so fascinated, i disregard the days, weeks, and months of

investing on whitening products to make my skin fairer.

I even forget on putting sunscreen, whew!

I’ll just worry about the consequences later LOL

For sure i will be like an overcooked gingerbread tomorrow LOL. with friends, mam cecil, gary and joan


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