Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

as planned my sisters (tata and lablab) watched the most awaited Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

some of the lines i remember:

you hide when i said hide
you ran when i said ran
if i die you go and save yourself

Once again i ask too much of you, Harry

I am the choosen one
– Harry Potter

I’m the half blood prince
– Prof. Snape

and yes i love the movie effects in the scene where the death eaters destroy the Millennium Bridge and the quidditch game scene…it makes my heart stop from beating for a second lol.

Harry Potter fans you surely would love this movie.


Charity works

one of the works of Victorias Association, USA, Inc., (VAUSA) is to often conduct
charity works, like feeding and reaching out
to the less privilege member of the community.

the experience makes me feel happy…
the feeling that is unexplainable
it gives my life meaning
and makes me appreciate life even more.

Suman Latik

My favorite pinoy native delicacies…
Suman is made of sticky rice cooked in coconut cream
Latik is caramelized young coconut meat in mascuvado (raw sugar)
Cost is P10.00 per pack (6 pieces per pack)

Beginner’s Bento No. 1

This is my 1st bento box try this year.
It looks kind of weird but anyway i enjoy preparing it.
Perhaps in the future i can master the art of bento making.

Bento No. 1 includes:
1. whole wheat bread slices top with melted cheese and butter
2. Kimbop (rice, itlog na pula/ham..kind of weird kimbop lol)
3. Slices of Hungarian sausage
4. i love koko krunch so included some too he he he

An Entry to Deviantart Macro Contest

This is an entry to ~polskavic51 [link] Deviantart Macro Contest.
Photo title is: Tiny Rally
It is under Vegetable Category

Photo taken last April 2009 during the Panaad Festival in Bacolod City

Picture Info:
Make: SONY
Model: DSC-W100
Shutter Speed: 10/800 second
F Number: F/2.8
Focal Length: 8 mm
ISO Speed: 125
Date Picture Taken: Apr 25, 2009, 2:13:17 PM