My Precious Moments at Sampaguita Gardens

Sampaguita Gardens
is located in New Washington, Aklan.
It is a 14- hectare land 15 minutes away from the main town of Kalibo. It was established December 2001 and operated in June 2003. It is founded and owned by Mr. Samuel John Butcher.
Entrance Fee is P50.00


Jojo’s Christmas Cottage.
A 3-story fully airconditioned Victorian Building that showcases figurines, dolls and other souvenir items in the ground, vast collection of Santa Claus, Christmas Trees and Belens in the second floor, and an array of angel ceramic sculptures and miniature Christmas village at the top floor.


Aside from the Christmas Cottage other amenities are:

Oriental Flavors
The Poolside Pavilion
Coffee Town
4. Precious Moments Gallery
Oriental Garden
Jojo’s Fitness Center
7. The Butterfly Farm and Gift Shop
I have not totally toured the park as i came very late.
Perhaps in my next trip i will surely spend a whole day touring
to fully experience paradise in Sampaguita Gardens.

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